Recent Britain First activity in Dartford

Last Friday (19/06/2015), several Britain First ‘activists’ spent the evening filming themselves harassing local business owners in Dartford town centre. They ordered them to stop selling Halal products and threatened to return this Friday (26/06/2015) to disrupt their businesses again if they did not comply. 

Aside from Britain First not understanding the meaning of the word ‘Halal’, we are deeply concerned by their attempts to intimidate valued members of our local community and we object to their actions in the strongest possible terms. For this reason, we are pleased by the quick and strong condemnation of Britain First’s presence in Dartford by local leaders, including Dartford MP Gareth Johnson. We also welcome his decision to contact the police in order to try to prevent any repeat of Friday’s scenes.  

When Dartford stood together to force Britain First to cancel a planned meeting here last July, we demonstrated that their attempts to divide us and stir up hatred within our communities are not welcome in our town. We will therefore oppose any future Britain First activity in Dartford in appropriate ways. Whilst their record of making empty threats means that we hope Britain First will simply not return to Dartford, we will be watching them closely as they cannot be allowed to harass any more members of our community. We call on our fellow Dartford residents to do the same. 

We remind Britain First that they will not be successful in Dartford and say that they should not return to Dartford this Friday.


Dartford Against Britain First



From bad to worse for Britain First

In the brief period of just over one month since local people successfully forced Britain First to cancel a meeting they had planned to hold in Dartford, things have gone from bad to worse for the fascist hate group. From financial difficulties to a consistent failure to actually gain any support, it appears that Britain First’s implosion has begun and that they will soon go the way of the National Front, BNP and EDL in being consigned to the filthy pages of the history of the far-right in the United Kingdom. Whilst nobody would mourn the loss of Britain First, not least in Dartford and the surrounding areas where opposition to them has been strong, it is vital that we remain vigilant about the threat that they still pose to our community as we work towards ensuring their total destruction. Despite this, however, it is difficult not to smile wryly at the string of misfortune that has befallen the group.

In the days after they unsuccessfully attempted to hold a meeting in Dartford, Britain First were then forced to cancel the rest of the dates on their ‘July 2014 Roadshow’. Faced with strong opposition from local people wherever they went, and averaging around six attendees at each stop on the tour, BF decided that it was no longer worth trying to spread their hatred and lies in this particular way, so came up with a string of excuses about why they could no longer visit the towns which they had planned to. They even cancelled a planned meeting in Belfast, which was, until recently, the location of their headquarters and something of a ‘stronghold’ of support for them, if the level of support for BF can even count as such.

It is incredibly significant that Belfast was the location of BF’s headquarters ‘until recently’, as it was through no choice of their own that they upped sticks and moved away. Their founder and financial backer, Jim Dowson, who was previously the ‘brains’ behind the BNP and who had links to anti-abortion groups and Northern Irish terrorism, left the organisation after deciding that BF’s ‘Mosque Invasions’, which, for those who are unaware, essentially consist of around six BF ‘activists’ entering near-empty mosques and intimidating lonely elderly people who are inside whilst making empty threats, were ‘provocative and counterproductive’, and ‘unacceptable and unchristian’. Because systematically lying has become something nearing compulsory for Britain First, they tried to claim that Dowson had been misquoted in the Mirror article in which he criticised the mosque invasions, leading him to publish a video in which he reiterated his claims, leaving Paul Golding and the other five or so people who actually seem to exist within Britain First with yet more egg on their faces.

Dowson’s departure from the organisation has also left Britain First in serious financial difficulties. He essentially funded the party and their activities single-handed, meaning that without him on board, BF are struggling to stay afloat. As a result, BF devote more and more space on their website and social media pages to flogging their rediculous clothing and other items which they try and convince their non-existent activist base to purchase, giving them less time to try and increase their online support using honeytrap images of animal abuse and Drummer Lee Rigby.

Leading on from this point is perhaps the most enjoyable of all recent Britain First developments for those who oppose them. It emerged in the media this weekend that the clothing which they try and sell on their website is manufactured in a factory which is owned by Muslims. Brothers Raza Ali and Nasser Khan run Uneek Clothing, based in London, meaning that their primary source of income is only possible because of the very people BF spend their whole time trying to spread hatred against and get deported. This is surely the ultimate embarrasment for the circus that is Britain First.

Whilst Britain First may be a circus run by clowns, it is vital that we do not become complacent about the threat which they pose. We hope that we can count on you for your support in defeating Britain First wherever they try to go and however they try and spread their hatred and lies.

New Kent humiliation for Britain First

After being forced to cancel their Dartford meeting, Britain First have again been humiliated tonight after another pathetic turnout, this time in nearby Swanley. Our sources suggest that BF were outnumbered by about 5:1 by protestors against them at the station meeting point, with some other BF arriving later when they brought out their armoured car, which they like to use for their terribly brave ‘Christian patrols’. They then apparently left immediately after speaking to a camera crew (presumably their own). Well done to all who opposed them in Swanley this evening.

We have won a double victory in the past two days – firstly by forcing BF to cancel their Dartford meeting, and secondly by embarrassing them in Swanley this evening.

Thank you to all who were willing to oppose them in Dartford and who did oppose them in Swanley.

An open letter to our supporters

Because they would have faced such strong opposition and would have been heavily outnumbered by protestors against them, Britain First have tonight been forced to cancel their Dartford meeting planned for tomorrow night.

For this reason, there is no longer any need for us to protest against them here in Dartford, and so the Dartford Against Britain First protest will no longer be held.

We would like to thank all those who were willing to support our demonstration, and it is because of the significant number of local people and groups who were willing to stand up to Britain First and show them that their message was not welcome in our town that they have been forced to cancel this event.

We would like to thank you all again for your willingness to support our campaign against fascists visiting Dartford to spread their hatred, intimidation and lies, and hope that Britain First will be similarly opposed wherever they go in the future.

Thank you,

Dartford Against Britain First

Britain First CANCEL Dartford meeting

In a resounding victory for anti-Britain First campaigners in Dartford, and the people of Dartford in general, the fascist hate group today announced that they have cancelled their planned Dartford meeting.

They were forced to do so as a result of their awareness that they would have faced significant opposition on the day, and been heavily outnumbered by demonstrators against them, as well as the fact that their planned venue have discovered who they really are and have pulled out.

We would like to thank everyone who was prepared to come to our protest. It is because of you and your willingness to oppose them that Britain First can no longer bring their lies and hatred to our town.

Confirmation of arrangements for Saturday


We can now confirm that we are calling on all those joining us to oppose Britain First in Dartford on Saturday to assemble at 6:30pm at Dartford Central Park (by the war memorial). This location is within easy walking distance of Dartford Train Station and is adjacent to a bus stop with services towards towards areas both further into London and into Kent.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday to show Britain First that racism, fascism and Islamophobia will not be tolerated in our town.


Central Park
Market Street