Dartford Against Britain First – Saturday 19th July 2014

On Saturday 19th July, Britain First plan to hold a meeting in Dartford town centre as part of their ‘July 2014 Roadshow’. They intend to use this meeting as a springboard to help them to grow their movement, both in the local area and nationally. We, as Dartford residents, find it unacceptable that fascists are being given a platform to spread their message of hatred and intolerance in our town and we intend to assemble outside their venue in order to show Britain First that their racism and Islamophobia are not welcome here. We hope that all will join us in opposing Britain First and their hateful ideology.

Those opposing Britain First will gather at around 6:30pm at a location to be announced on our Twitter account (@NoToBFDartford) in the days immediately before the meeting in order to allow us to show Britain First in no uncertain terms that fascists are not welcome in Dartford.


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