Recent Britain First activity in Dartford

Last Friday (19/06/2015), several Britain First ‘activists’ spent the evening filming themselves harassing local business owners in Dartford town centre. They ordered them to stop selling Halal products and threatened to return this Friday (26/06/2015) to disrupt their businesses again if they did not comply. 

Aside from Britain First not understanding the meaning of the word ‘Halal’, we are deeply concerned by their attempts to intimidate valued members of our local community and we object to their actions in the strongest possible terms. For this reason, we are pleased by the quick and strong condemnation of Britain First’s presence in Dartford by local leaders, including Dartford MP Gareth Johnson. We also welcome his decision to contact the police in order to try to prevent any repeat of Friday’s scenes.  

When Dartford stood together to force Britain First to cancel a planned meeting here last July, we demonstrated that their attempts to divide us and stir up hatred within our communities are not welcome in our town. We will therefore oppose any future Britain First activity in Dartford in appropriate ways. Whilst their record of making empty threats means that we hope Britain First will simply not return to Dartford, we will be watching them closely as they cannot be allowed to harass any more members of our community. We call on our fellow Dartford residents to do the same. 

We remind Britain First that they will not be successful in Dartford and say that they should not return to Dartford this Friday.


Dartford Against Britain First



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